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DC Booster Device – Low Voltage Drive LV60-90

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DC Booster Device – Low Voltage Drive LV60-90

The LV60-90 can convert 60v-90v to 420v-720v.

(for 3 phase AC 380v pumps from 0.55kw (0.75HP) to 1.5kw (2HP) output voltage is 7/8 times the input voltage)

Product description:

The LV60 90 Low Voltage Drive is a product specifically used for low-voltage, high-voltage solar pump inverters. In DC60 90V, the output voltage is 9 times the input voltage. The output voltage changes according to the input voltage so that the solar pump inverter can monitor the maximum power of the photovoltaic generator. This product is highly efficient. When the power is below 200w, the efficiency is below 90%. when power is above 200W, the efficiency can reach up to 90%. Increase efficiency by increasing power, maximum efficiency can reach 95%. Normally, this product

no operation and maintenance needed, all you need to do is plug in the input cable and the output cable correctly.


1. Low voltage drive device for solar pump system (Application for small system)

Currently, between the application of a three-phase solar pump system, the minimum DC input voltage of our inverter is 450V. In order to respond to the voltage

of the solar pump converter, many solar panels are required. In some real applications, the power of the water pump is low and its power is low

enough solar panels are enough for the solar converter to drive the pump.

2. Make sure the DC voltage from the solar panel meets the input voltage of the low voltage drive. For example, if your pump is 1.5kW, 3phase, 380v, it fits with our 2.2KW inverter (3 phase, 380v, DC input voltage is 450v-750v). But the voltage of many solar panels is not enough to cover the voltage of the solar pump inverter, causing you to use more solar panels.

3. In this case, the high power of the solar panels is wasted and makes the cost of the whole system very high. Now our company has developed a new one

technology to solve this problem. We manufacture low voltage amplifier

(Model: LV60-90) for converting low DC to high DC voltage to cover DC input voltage of solar pump. In the meantime, this

the new system avoids the risk of high voltage DC from solar panels.