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ΡΥΘΜΙΣΤΗΣ ΦΟΡΤΙΣΗΣ MPPT Tracer 2215RN 2mppt-2215rn-250×250

Solar Charger Pv Power MPPT Tracer 2215RN 20A 12V-24V Epsolar

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Brand: Epsolar

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The series of solar charger Ep Solar MPPT for off grid  systems have an intelligent detection algorithm of the maximum power point of photovoltaic depending sunshine and temperature, thus maximizing system performance by 30%. Suitable for all types of polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels.
Electronic protection:
◆ PV Array Short Circuit
◆ PV Overvoltage
◆ PV Overcurrent
◆ Load Overload
◆ Load short circuit
◆ PV Reverse Polarity
◆ Battery Reverse Polarity
◆ High Voltage Transients
Technical Data:
MPPT solar charger power 260W – 12V, 520W – 24V.
Battery Voltage 12V / 24V – 20A, voltage photovoltaic 150V, night mode option.
Maximum charge current: 20 A
System Voltage: 12/24 V
Internal consumption power: <10 mA
Dimensions: 169 x 119 x 83 mm
Type of protection: IP 30

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