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Setec Power SGY7500H 7.5 KW Inverter Solar Pump Inverter

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Setec Power SGY7500H 7.5 KW Inverter Solar Pump Inverter


The Setec Power solar pump system consists of a pump inverter, a pump and a photovoltaic array.

Consider, among other things, that water storage is more efficient than electricity storage,

the system is designed to direct the battery-free pump directly, which can reduce operating costs and routine maintenance costs effectively.

The photovoltaic array consists of multiple photovoltaic panels connected in series / in parallel,

which can supply the entire system with energy by converting the absorbed solar radiation into electricity.

The solar pump converter can apply control of the whole system operation,

which drives the pump by converting the direct current produced by the photovoltaic cell to alternating current.

The inverter can adjust the output frequency, depending on the intensity of the radiation in real time, to monitor the maximum power value.

The pump is driven by a 3 phase AC motor that draws water from a deep well or a river.

The pumped water is pumped into a water tank or directly connected to irrigation or water supply systems.


Power: 7,5 KW
Min. DC voltage: 450 V
Maximum DC voltage: 750 V
MPPT voltage: 500-600 V
Threephase output voltage: 380 V
Warranty SETEC Solar Pump Inverter CE solar pump inverter

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