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Assos BL2 300 lt Boiler With Two Coils

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Assos BL2 300 lt Boiler With Two Coils


Vertical boilers “Assos Boilers” boilers are manufactured in a variety of types, according to DIN 4753 and EN 12897, are tested in accordance with international hygiene rules and have a capacity of 150-1000 liters.

Assos boilers are ideal for both home use (home heating), as well as for hotels, offices, large houses, etc. Available in single, double or triple energy boilers in 5 different colors. Their insulation made of high density, flexible polyurethane is environmentally friendly and provides hot water for a longer period. In addition, Assos boilers are the fastest in water heating thanks to their large heat exchanger, which makes them extremely economical.

Material: USD37.2 quality steel sheet
Welding: with robot in an inert gas environment
Cleaning: 6-point mutation
Internal coating: glass baked at 850 ° C
Operating Pmax: 6 bar
Test Pmax: 15 bar for 5 minutes
Operating Tmax: + 95 ° C
Insulation: Material: polyurethane without CFC & FCKW Density: 40 kg / m3 Thickness: 65 mm