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Assos Boiler Room FRW1 200lt Boiler with Heat Pump Alternator

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Assos Boiler Room FRW1 200lt Boiler with Heat Pump Alternator

200L Inertia Tank BUFFER FRESH WATER Assos Boilers
Inertia containers are essentially water storage tanks (hot or cold).

Storage of hot water (DHW) or hot water of heating (radiator or floor)
The inertia tank is connected in series to the boiler (either oil, gas, wood boiler, pellet boiler, biomass, heat pump) or solar panels.

It is a container with very good thermal insulation to maintain high water temperature for a long time. The purpose of the inertia tank is to store hot water when it is produced by boiler operation of any type, heat pump (or solar collector) and to provide us with hot water when the boiler or heat pump stops running or when the sun sets and the solar collector ceases to provide hot water.

For example,
If a boiler or a heat pump runs from 7 to 11 in the evening, during these 4 hours it provides high-temperature hot water, which is transferred through the circulator to the radiator bodies or the underfloor heating system, providing space heating. During the operation of the boiler or heat pump, hot water is stored in the inertia container. When the boiler or heat pump stops, the circulator now starts and transfers to the radiator bodies or the underfloor heating system the hot water stored in the inertia container, thereby providing free heating for several more hours.

Save energy – save money
In this way we achieve energy saving and therefore also money, since we use the hot water of the inertial tank (BUFFER-0) and there is no need to constantly operate the boiler or heat pump to have hot water in the radiator or floor systems. . The same applies to hot water use (DHW) if the inertial tank (BUFFER-1) is connected to solar panels and the inertial tank is a TIT (tank in tank) or stainless steel inertial tank. (BUFFER-1 INOX).

Also when it comes to electricity generated by heat (heat pump, resistors, electric boiler) the inertia tank can store energy by using the low hourly electricity price of PPC overnight.

Storage of cold water
Inertial containers work the same way as above for cold water storage (instead of hot water) except that instead of being connected to a boiler or solar panels, it is connected to water coolers. Here, too, we achieve energy and money savings as the pump continues to transport cold water from the idle tank, even though the refrigerator motor has stopped working.

Inertial containers have many “import-export” (1 “& 1½”), so they can be connected to many types of heat sources (oil or gas boilers, wood-fired boilers, pellet boilers, electric ion boilers, heat pumps). fireplaces, solar panels).

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