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Assos Solarnet M160lt / 2.5m² Dual Energy Glass

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Assos Solarnet M160lt / 2.5m² Dual Energy Glass

Solarnet solar water heaters from Assos Boilers are manufactured to international safety and quality standards, with double enamel enamel “baked” at 850 ° C for ultimate protection of the container. Glass overlaps the container internally, ensuring clean drinking water. Thus, Solarnet solar water heaters have a very long life span, even in harsh waters with high salt content.

The titanium-coated absorber is ideal for areas with high diffuse radiation and low temperatures, absorbing up to 16% more solar radiation in the winter months than standard black chromium absorbers. This coating method is non-toxic, does not pollute the environment and maintains its mechanical and thermal properties at very low and high temperatures.

Container features
Outer shell: anodized aluminum, highly resistant to UV rays, wet climates and coastal areas.
Mantle: its innovative low carbon steel design, 1.5 mm thick, for the closed circuit ensures its stable operation even with freezing and at the same time ensures the collectors against the risk of clogging of salts.
Thermal insulation: expandable eco-friendly polyurethane, 50 mm thick and high density (43 kg / m3), which provides the consumer with more hot water for use, minimizes thermal losses and maintains the hot water temperature, even when the outdoor temperature is high. 30 ° C below zero.
Inner container: low carbon steel, 2.5 mm thick, according to DIN 4800-5. This means twice the capacity of the container to withstand network pressures compared to most common solar water heaters, over time and in areas with particular water quality.
Container protection: achieved with Duro Smalt Elastic. This innovative method of protection is considered the most appropriate for its resistance to very hard water and its elastic properties allow it to follow the expansion-contraction of the tank thus avoiding the risk of cracks in most tanks with different enamel protection.
Cathodic protection: magnesium anode for effective internal protection against corrosion and precipitation of salts caused by electrolysis reactions.
Electrical resistance up to 4 kW: copper in accordance with country of destination regulations. (Optional, to use electricity as an auxiliary power source).
Safety thermostat: four contacts bipolar.

Collector features
Profile: it has 4 ventilation holes which are completely sealed to prevent rainwater from entering.
Selective absorber: aluminum tubes with selective titanium coating and autogenously bonded by the Ultrasonic method. This innovative welding method ensures complete heat transfer and enables the solar collector to have the highest efficiency and durability.
Frame: anodized aluminum, highly resistant to adverse conditions.
Special safety glass: tempered tempered glass (3.5 mm thick) for high permeability and durability, resistant to adverse weather conditions (eg hail, extreme temperature changes).
Thermal insulation: strong lateral and rear insulation (20 mm fiberglass & 35 mm stone wool), which minimizes heat loss in areas with low seasonal temperatures.
Glass insulation: EPDM rubber and transparent silicone.

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